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Venice With Kids: Book Family Games & Walking Tour
Let's play all together! Birthday party, art family brunch, treasure hunt, sketch hunt, boat tour, Murano glass workshops and games for children.
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Family games, Macacotour: games and tours in Venice with kids


Venice is an open air museum full of details to discover. It’s an enigmatic and mysterious city, the perfect stage to enjoy activities for the whole family through squares, alleys, historical palaces, legends and unique traditions…


  • , , , Save your family 35,00 + IVA 105 minutes “Save your family” is an engaging historical team game for the whole family. We’ll discover the history and mysteries of Venice and the famous “Bajamonte Tiepolo plot” through challenges, trials, breathtaking views and special Venetian means of transportation.
  • , , Sailing with Macaco, discovering the Northern Lagoon! 94,00 + IVA 3 hours An Venetian sailor will lead us, on board of his boat, to discover the stunning and authentic Northern Lagoon of Venice through stories, games and traditional artistic workshops! Designed for all families who want to discover the origins of this unique city.
  • , , Sounds hunt 25,00 + IVA 60 minutes For families with kids 4-8

    A treasure hunt designed for the younger where the clues are sounds! Following strange calls and sounds, we will discover odd figures, mysterious sculptures and legends!
  • , , The brave lion! 24,00 + IVA 90 minutes For families with kids 5-11

    A treasure hunt for kids discovering the secrets of the famous Venetian fleet! The treasure hunt will take place in one of the most authentic districts of Venice: the sestiere of Castello!
  • , , The merchant of Venice (boat tour) 63,00 + IVA 90 minutes For families with kids 5-11

    A thrilling historic game by private water taxi along the Gran Canal. Imagine to be a family of merchants that has just arrived in Venice…
    Your aim is to build a wonderful palace on the Canal Grande! How can you gather the materials to do that?
  • , , Sketch hunt 24,00 + IVA 90 minutes For families with kids 5-11

    A treasure hunt to discover secret codes, odd details and mysteries hidden around Campo Santa Maria Formosa and the Querini Stampalia palace!
  • , Cannaregio treasure hunt 24,00 + IVA 90 minutes For families with kids 5-11

    Let’s discover the authentic area of Fondamenta della Misericordia, the Jewish “Ghetto” and the impressive “Campo della Madonna dell’Orto” with an amazing treasure hunt for the whole family!


  • , , Hello Mrs. Mask! 55,00 + IVA 90 minutes For families with kids 5-11

    A workshop to decorate handmade venetian papier-mache masks, according to the tradition, with colourful paint, beads, original feathers and much more!
  • , Murano glass workshop 55,00 + IVA 90 minutes For families with kids 5-11

    A workshop to create stunning dream catchers or jewelry made by original Murano glass!
  • , , Murano tour 34,00 + IVA 90 minutes For families with kids 5-11

    A tour in a original Murano furnace, accompanied by a "family friendly" tour guide.


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